Maintain Site Speed

Our plugin keeps your site fast by moving the analysis to the cloud which keeps your site moving quick.

Simplified Dashboard

Many agencies manage multiple sites and with our cloud based dashboard managing them all is easier than ever.

Safe Zone

We can re-route bad actors to a safe zone outside of your site. This has been proven to reduce further attacks.


Automated Traffic Filter

Enable WP Enforcer to analyze your site for suspicious traffic patterns. With our vast database of well maintained IP addresses we can determine if the threat is coming from unwanted proxies, TOR network, nefarious web crawlers, or generally considered a threat to the community. These rules only apply to attackers trying to manipulate your site.

Threat Level

We analyze every IP address against a large database of known IPs that have been related to hacking. If one of those IPs are found we stop it in its tracks.

TOR Network

Seen as the "Dark Web" we filter out any traffic that originates from TOR as our research shows it is not a traditional source of legitimate traffic.


Commonly good for your site for SEO. However, there are web crawlers that are crawling your site for ways to exploit it. We block any crawler associated with these types of attacks.


Attackers are known to use different proxies in order to mask their identity. Our database of IP's keeps track of these proxies and can stop them from attacking your site.


Block Traffic & SPAM

Set up your own rules as to how you want traffic to be blocked. You can choose to block by country, region, city, or even as fine grained as the type of activity the user is trying to perform. These rules only apply to attackers trying to manipulate your site.

Our SPAM blocking is powered by Akismet so we are able to leverage the power of their vast SPAM detection system to benefit your site!


Uptime Monitoring

Check to see the current uptime percentage and response time of your site with 1 minute health checks. Get alerted when your site is down!


Add email addresses that should be notified when one of your sites goes down.

Slack Webhooks

Create a webhook to a Slack channel that can get notified when a site goes offline.

WordPress Plugin

Plugin At a Glance

When you configure your WP Enforcer plugin you get a simplified view of your WP Enforcer dashboard in your WordPress backend. See things like uptime, and recent activity.

Simple Pricing

Easy pricing means no suprises.

  • Audit Only
  • Geo Lookup of IP
  • 24 Hour History


  • 1 Month History
  • Uptime Monitoring
    1 Minute Interval
    Alerts Downtime (Email/Slack)
  • Threat Level Analysis
  • View Only Mode
  • Block SPAM
    Powered by Akismet
  • Block Inbound Traffic
  • Email Reports
  • Automatic Blocking Of

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WP Enforcer free?

Absolutely! We do offer a paid version but if you want to use it in an audit only mode that is totally free.

What does enabling blocklist protection do?

This will allow you to determine what traffic can interact with your site. If you are a premium customer then you can use this for our automated traffic filter or set up rules yourself.

Does blocklist protection block all traffic?

No. The protection only looks at traffic that is interacting with your database. Things like comments, page updates, logins etc. General traffic to your site will continue as normal. We only care about the spammers and hackers that try to gain access to your site via nefarious methods.

What kind of info do you collect on site visitors?

The only thing we collect is the IP address of the visiting user. This is used to determine if the IP is known to be of a high threat level. We also only collect this information when there is some type of database interaction (i.e. commenting). Therefore any CREATE, UPDATE, or DELETE operations we track.

Do I need my own Akismet license in order to use SPAM blocking?

Nope! We have an enterprise deal with Akismet so we handle all the licensing and you get to enjoy the feature.

What is view only mode?

View only mode gets your IP address and only allows you to perform any action that writes to your database. All other users that are trying to either hack, spam, or generate content would be blocked as they are not originating from the IP address allowed.


WP Enforcer is an essential plugin. It gives me peace of mind and allows me to focus on other parts of my business because I know our websites are protected. Your future self will thank you for installing this plugin!

Arianna Mast

Since we started using Wordpress Enforcer, we haven't looked back and finally feel secure.

Phill Kross

We specifically try to reach an international market so we inevitably get on people's radar. When that results in a security threat to our website WP Enforcer not only mitigates any server issues it also discourages future attacks.

Bill Ellis
Digital Director